Managing billbugs in golf turf

Four species of turf-damaging billbugs exist in Utah (in descending order of abundance): bluegrass billbug, hunting billbug, Rocky Mountain billbug (or Denver billbug), and Phoenician billbug (or Phoenix billbug). Managing multiple billbug species in turf is more challenging because of differences in the insects’ biology and phenology. The anthranilic diamides, Acelepryn and Ference, have provided excellent, and repeatable control of billbugs in northern Utah. Applications at various labeled rates in spring have resulted in excellent turf quality and safety. Applying Acelepryn at 8-12 fluid ounces/acre around peak adult activity has controlled >90% of billbugs in fairways, and Ference at 6-8 fluid ounces/acre has been statistically just as good. However, the two insecticides have important differences that need to be understood. Read more here.

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